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Abacai is your accountant, bookkeeper, in house finance team and advisor, all in one place.

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Accurate and timely reporting

Monitoring gross margins effectively is the key to a successful e‑commerce business. We use market leading platforms, collaboration and e-commerce expertise to deliver crucial information and insight into your business.

This gives you the tools you need to make better, informed decisions, with real data to back it up.

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Automated systems that simplify your data flow

Seamless communication between sales channels, inventory management systems and Xero, is fundamental to scaling your e‑commerce business.

Sales channels

Selling through multiple sales channels can be overwhelming. We automate the data flow from all of your platforms, creating an output that is efficient, simple and comprehensible in Xero.

Inventory management systems

Tracking inventory can be difficult and time consuming. We refine your processes and work with your inventory management solution to take away the heavy lifting.

Cross border selling

Advice to help your business scale

It is easier than ever to sell to customers from all over the world. New sales locations can result in unwelcome tax surprises.

We monitor sales volumes and work closely with you and your advisers, to make sure your business is compliant within the jurisdictions it operates in. This is particularly relevant in a post Brexit era.

You will have peace of mind selling globally, without interruptions or unexpected costs.


We’re part of your team

As your business grows, you will need a partner working at your pace. We ensure that you’re getting the support you need, when you need it, working with the tools used by your business.

Abacai is a finance team that’s there for you. Reachable, responsive and reliable.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Moving our accounting to Abacai has been one of the best business decisions we have ever made. I just wish I had found them sooner.

Rory Westbrook, CEO and Founder

They’re super responsive and being able to communicate with them on Slack and Whatsapp, means we get help and assistance when we need it.

Nick Doman, COO and Co-Founder

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About us

Experienced chartered accountants

In 2018, Abacai was founded by ICAEW chartered accountants Adam Ramsden and Bepi Jones. Having trained together at Deloitte, they both moved on to key roles at fast growing scale-ups in London, which underwent multiple rounds of funding through periods of aggressive global expansion.

After experiencing similar challenges and inefficiencies, they sought to provide businesses with the right financial tools and insights to scale their business successfully and sustainably.

Abacai is the solution they needed when working at fast growth scale‑ups. Modern, technology focussed and specialist, with customer service at the forefront of their operation.

Tailored pricing to suit your business

All e-commerce companies are unique and have different requirements. We believe pricing should be as simple and as transparent as possible.

We approach every client as the unique business they are, take the time to learn about their needs and ambitions before providing a tailored quote.

Our expertise is best utilised by companies turning over at least £250k annually.

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